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Welcome. Smile
This (United kingdom based) forum is aimed at hobbyists both old and new from all across the world. As "hobby fire alarm systems" they do not need comply to any regulations what so ever, that is not to say you should not be safe.
It would be a very good idea, even if you have a fire alarm panel that you secure it to a large board and you use this configuration to work on.

Most hobbyists will use either telephone or alarm cable to wire to the detectors and sounders, this is permissible as you are not complying to any regulations. But if you have a fire alarm panel use 3 core mains flex and a plug with a 3A fuse to connect it to the mains supply. ( A professionally installed fire alarm will use fire proof cable throughout )

If you are not using a fire panel you can use either a power supply or 2 / 3 9v dry cell batteries.

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