Fire panel types

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Fire panel types

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There are two types of fire alarm panel. Conventional and addressable, below is a basic overview of each type.

Conventional fire alarm panels have a very simple way of working. No matter if its a call point or a detector the cable should loop through the device (One cable goes in, and one cable comes out*) If you want to add more devices ideally they should be connected after the last device.

Addressable fire alarm panels are much more sophisticated. Unlike conventional call points and detectors etc. Each device is given an address. (How its done depends on the make of the panel and is not for discussion on a hobbyists forum) Its a bit like the place where you live, it has an address so people can find you. Ideally with an addressable fire panel all the detectors are run in a loop, starting and finishing at the panel. By doing this the system can use "automatic isolators" that will isolate any part of the alarm (That they control) if a fault occurs, so the remainder of the system continues to operate.

When a fire alarm is installed a site plan should be made with the all devices marked along with their address, but this is not always the case, or sometimes the drawings are lost.

Arrow Notes
With a conventional fire alarm panel when wired as loop in and loop out if any device is physically removed the panel should indicate this (usually a buzzer sounds) and in most cases (not all) any devices after the removed device will no longer function. Also if any device was added before the last device by Teeing off it will work in a fire condition but not indicate if it is removed.
If there is a fire there is no indication of which actual detector activated at the panel.
Conventional panels also have a minimum of two separate sounder circuits, sounders have to be run on their own cable.

An addressable system is always checking each address, so no matter where it is, once set up, if a device does not respond when checked, the panel will indicate this, again with a buzzer but also a text display. Addressable panels also have quite a few more advantages, such as. In a fire condition the exact location of the fire is indicated on the panel, the sounders can be connected to the same cable as the detection devices, because they will not sound until they are told to by the fire panel (No "activate now" information is sent to the fire sounders address from the fire panel until required) Addressable panels also have considerably more options, but that is another subject.

cyclops If you want to tell what you have / have made, why not make a video and post it in the video section. (Please note the video rules)

Exclamation If you disagree with any of the above, please feel free to post. Bear in mind this is a hobbyists forum.

* This is so that the current last device becomes part of the loop, and the now new last device becomes the end of line device.


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