Why so much?

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Why so much?

Post  Admin on Wed 8 Aug - 10:03:29

I often wonder why is it that a fire panel costs so much, (for what it is)
If you look inside a modern conventional fire panel its usually a transformer and a small PCB, the smaller 2 zone ones are not too bad price wise, but move to bigger panels or addressable and the price rockets, but why? Do you know?

I compare it to intruder alarms, yes there is some real cheap intruder panels, but even the good all singing all dancing multi circuit intruder panels with twin line LCD displays on a remote keypad, in a metal box (A lot of fire panels are now in plastic boxes) that can have multiple indicating detectors cost less than a fire panel. They often have bigger batteries too, but why the high cost?

I know quality costs, but with the numbers made, I still don't see why the high cost.

What do you think?

I am asking about just the panel, not the cable, sounders etc.


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